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Making the most of your marketing channels

We have clients approach us looking to generate more business online, many already have a website and are looking to boost their Google search rankings whilst others want a new site that will help them get in front of their potential customers in search.

As part of your website build, or as a separate service, we offer marketing services and SEO (search engine optimisation) support. We will build your website with search engines in mind and work with you to get on Google’s good side, you will be amazed how much you and your business can do to climb Google’s natural search rankings, it is no longer tricks and wizardry. Talk to us about your SEO ambitions and see how we could help.

Our marketing solutions help provide an effective way to get you in front of your customers and as part of your digital package we can build and design email marketing templates, enhance your social presence with effective and popular social media accounts, business listings to assist your brand awareness and search engine rankings inline with your unique brand and look.

Let's Make A NOISE!

A website is only one piece of your digital window. A website ‘these days’ is only as strong as it’s entourage. For strong rankings and a high number of visitors, your web presence should include Google business listings, G+ accounts, Facebook, Twitter pages, A company LinkedIn account, perhaps an Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram may be worthwhile if you have a strong visual brand or product base.

We can help you with this, and help you keep a consistent voice and message across all your marketing channels helping them work together.

There are two ways to get your website onto search engines:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) where your page shows naturally in search engine results.

2. PPC or search engine advertising, where you pay to achieve the top spots or get your products and services in front of people on search results pages.

Google for example will show paid search listings above the natural results for competitive words and phrases, many people are aware of the difference between paid listings and natural page results but that doesn’t mean paid is bad. If set up properly paid search engine results can be a clear signpost and entirely relevant to what potential customers are looking for.

An advantage of using PPC is to achieve quick results, these ‘adverts’ are indexed much quicker than natural search engine results can often be visible the same day.

We would initially recommend working hard to achieve a strong natural search engine profile, concentrating on content, an SEO friendly website, covering all the marketing channels. We can help you achieve all this with our tailored web and marketing packages, it is at that point we could recommend whether paid advertising would be beneficial for your business by combining SEO and PPC marketing. The good news is you can set your spend so you will never have to worry about overspending and it can be switched on or off just as easily.

Talk to us and we can help advise what you should do, give you a FREE search engine assessment and work with you to increase your paid and organic search results.

Our Marketing Packages

Starter Monthly

Start up plan for a single website, great if you are just getting going.


Business Monthly

Business plan, perfect if you are looking to keep things fresh.


Professional Monthly

Professional plan for a larger website, perfect for beating the competition.


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