About Ecofuelplus: ADERCO is a 100% organic fuel treatment which reduces the harmful effects of impurities in modern fuels and improves combustion. It is a fantastic product with huge benefits for the both the domestic user and for industry. The leading Kerosene and Diesel Fuel Additive “Fixes” carbon problem in AGA’s and oil fired Range Ovens. The effects of poor combustion of modern low sulphur fuel are particularly noticeable in Aga ovens which burn the Heating oil via a wick. They start to smell, don’t burn as well, clog up, get colder and in some cases completely go out.

Objective: To support and convert the first Joomla version of the Ecofuelplus website into WordPress. We helped build and create the teams logo and branding and social accounts. We worked hard to give the business an excellent SEO presence and work with them managing their continued  paid advertising campaigns.

Launch Date: February 2016

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